What is the WKA Associate Program?
Watch Dave Sawyer describe the program - Associate Videos.

Why join?
Become an influencer and get PAID, or just get great DISCOUNTS.

WKA believes the best people to support fighters are Fighters.
Our goal is to allow those who want to reach the top to have a chance of earning by giving their growing base of supporters great offers.
However, our program is open to EVERYONE.
An associate is a friend or supporter of the WKA. The WKA Associate Program is our way of supporting You, our friend.

How to Register?
Watch Dave Sawyer take you through the registration process. Associate Videos.

What is my commission rate?
20% of the purchase prices of Pay-Per-Views (live.wkatv.com)

When do you pay out?
Payments are made the following month when your balance meets the minimum payout threshold of $25 USD
Once you meet the required Payout Balance then your commission will be paid by the 20th of the following month.
Once the transaction has been completed and approved by us, you will see the commission in your Dashboard.

What is the required Payout Balance?
There is a minimum payout threshold of $25 USD. We simply hold your payment until your earnings have reached that amount. Once you reach the threshold, we pay out by the 20th of the following month.

Why was my commission declined?
If the event is cancelled or the customer is issued a refund.